Ayesha Kasuri, Educator Founder

Ms. Kasuri is a trained and certified early childhood educator. She completed her Undergraduate degree in Psychology and Graduate degree in Linguistics in 1997 before she joined the 0-3 program at Montessori Academy International. The Montessori Academy International (AMI) is an institute founded by Maria Montessori to carry on her life’s work.

Ms. Kasuri has worked closely with the 0-6 age group and has helped design and implement several early childhood programs. After being a teacher, consultant and trainer in Virginia, Ms. Kasuri joined the Beaconhouse School System, the largest school system globally. She started as the head of the Early Years program in January 2009. She diverged slightly from her Montessori path when she attended the Reggio Emilia International conference in Singapore where she was inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach.

In the summer of 2011, Ms. Kasuri became a teacher trainer for project-based learning. She earned her credits from two different organizations: the Buck Institute for Education, and the University of Aurora in Chicago. She also completed her certification for Early childhood education; teaching from understanding from Harvard in 2015. Ms. Kasuri was one of the delegates chosen to be part of a panel discussion at DAVOS on the topic of ‘reimagining education’ . She ran two successful Reggio Emilia/ International Baccalaureate schools before starting Reggio’s Treehouse.