Who we are

Reggio’s Treehouse is an authentic Reggio Emilia inspired preschool that educates and enriches the minds and lives of our young learners. We embrace the Reggio Emilia philosophy that teaches children to become self-directed learners and whose guiding principles encourage self-expression and critical thinking.


Our guiding core valueS

Respect all life


Tolerance of all opinions


value of every individual


love for our planet


Our Programs


Our school days begin at 6:30am and end at 6:30pm. We offer a variety of weekly program lengths, including 2-day programs, 3-day programs and 5-day programs. In addition, we provide both morning half-day programs and full-day programs, allowing parents to choose the best option for both their child and schedule.


3MO - 16MO

Laying their roots, infants begin to experience their world using all 5 senses while they use and strengthen their gross and fine motor skills.


16MO - 2YR

As their stems begin to sprout, children begin to identify who they are and what it means to be part of a community.


2YR - 3YR

Their leaves are blooming and students are learning how to express themselves using the “100 languages of children”. They start to learn how to organize themselves and start exploring where they are in time and place.


3YR - 5YR

As we grow into young saplings, children have attained all Virginia state standards of learning via our Reggio and PBL approach and are prepared for Kindergarten. They will have a more complex understanding of all the content taught throughout the program and will be able to guide their own learning. They will have incorporated all attributes in the learner profile.